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Educate Your Customers to Reduce E Cigarette Insurance Premiums

Mon, 08/25/2014 - 21:27 -- stateco

Using Your E Cigarette

It doesn't matter if you are electronic cigarette retailer, distributor or manufacturer it is always important to educate your end users - customers. Educated customer will know how to properly use e cigarette therefore it will minimize the risk of accidents.

E Cigarette batteries typically have to be charged before the first use for about 11 hours so that the battery reaches it's full capacity. After the first charge regular charge usually take about 3-4 hours. When battery is full charger light will turn green. Leaving the battery plugged in on the charger after this is not recommended. Please note that different manufacturers may have chargers using a different technology so always read the instruction manual before using and follow it. Lithium-ion batteries used in electronic cigarettes can be charged about 300 times before they start to lose their Joye510 e-Cigarette battery being charged capacity. Batteries should be stored almost fully charged if they are not used for a long period of time, empty batteries should never be left unused for long periods of time. Although the charger and batteries have safety features, the charge always has to be carried out with supervision and away from flammable any objects.

After charging the batteries, you can start using your e-cigarette. Assembling the device is usually done in the same way with every model. Atomizer and the battery are screwed together, protective cap is removed from the cartridge after which it is attached to the atomizer. If you are using pre-filled cartridge the electronic cigarette is now ready for use.

Most of the e-cigarette models work automatically. Fore example when you suck from the mouthpiece the atomizer is activated and begins to heat the e-liquid drawn from the cartridge. E-liquid is then vaporized and can be inhaled. An Electronic cigarette does not need to be switched on, it is always in a standby mode when the battery is attached. Apart from this, the use is very similar to a normal cigarette with a few little tricks you might want to try. If you feel that you do not get enough vapor, you could try a quick primer puff before the actual inhalation. During this quick about half-second draw you can hear how the atomizer begins to work and now you can take the actual puff. If you are / were a smoker, you need to take longer and calmer puffs from an e-cigarette in order to get a good amount of vapor. You can also take drags directly into your lungs like you would with a hookah for example. However, this is only possible with models which have a light draw. Depending on the model you may notice that after a specific length of drag (5 to 10 sec.) the device automatically shuts down. This is a safety feature to prevent the atomizer overheating. Never blow in to an e-cigarette. This may push e-liquid to the battery and damage it.

You can also get a manually operated electronic cigarette. This is basically a button on the side of the e-cigarette which controls the atomizer. You don't need to do primer-puffs with manual e-cigarettes. Start pressing the switch shortly before the drag and stop shortly before ending the drag. I think that a manual e-cigarette produces better results in terms of vapor and throat hit but it's also a matter of personal preference which one you like more. Also be careful not to press the button for too long and as often because the atomizer can be easily overheated with this switch type. A good maximum drag is about 5 to 7 seconds after which you should take quick break. If the atomizer heats up significantly, take a longer break.

Getting a good throat hit depends on several factors. Of course it depends on e-cigarette brand, device and juice being used. Also your experience a "Vapper" matters. The same time please note that poor battery immediately affects the amount of vapor and throat hit. Amount of nicotine in the e-liquid also makes the throat hit stronger. Higher concentration of nicotine feels "rough" in the throat and you feel a stronger "hit" at the back of your throat.